Events 学术活动


  • December 2018 Professor Yu Jianxing (Dean of the School of Public Management at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou) was visiting professor in the CLAIMS project at Duisburg-Essen University.
  • October 17 2018 Anna Shpakovskaya gives a talk on political representation at Renmin University in Beijing, China. More information:


  • September 25-28 2018 Anna Shpakovskaya presents her paper “E-Representation in Authoritarian Context: The Cases of Chinese and Russian Cyberspace” at DVPW annual conference in Frankfurt.

  • August 22-25 2018 Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya presented their papers (Heberer: “Representation in an Authoritarian Context: The Case of China’s Private Entrepreneurs” and Shpakovskaya: “Individualization, Everydayness, Connectivity and Interactivity of Political Representation in the Chinese Cyberspace”) at the ECPR General Conference in Hamburg.Hamburg_22-25NEW
  • June 21 2018 Thomas Heberer presents his paper “Representation in an Authoritarian Context: The Case of China’s Private Entrepreneurs” at Risk and East Asia Conference in Duisburg.


  • May 22-23 2018  Anna Shpakovskaya presents her paper “From Deputy to Blogger: an Empirical Map of Political Reprsentation in the Chinese Cyberspace” at the 16th Chinese Internet Research Conference in Leiden. For more go to:
  • In March-April 2018 Duisburg team visits six cities in China and conducts over 30 interviews with experts, academics, bloggers, officials, entrepreneurs and internet prortals’ managers.
  • March 2018 Beijing, China Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya visit Tencent – one of the China’slargest Internet and Technology Companies.


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  • 2018 Feb 02-03  Paris Conference 2018年法国巴黎研讨会
  • 30 November 2017 EHESS Conference “Representing Political Representation in India”, Paris: Conference programme


  • October – December 2017 LAGAPE Conference cycle University of Lausanne in Géopolis, Switzerland: Conference programme


  • 2017 Paris Conference on Political Representation 2017年法国巴黎研讨会
  • 2016 Beijing Conference “Political Representation Beyond Elections: A Comparison Between China/Western Countries”, Beijing, China. 2016年中国北京研讨会