Anna Shpakovskaya



Post-Doctoral Research Fellow




  •  2017 Dr.phil. in Political Science, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany. Thesis title: “De-administratizing The Chinese Red Cross: Why Did It Fail? A Historical Institutional Perspective”.
  • 2008 MA in Chinese Philology, College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, China. MA thesis title: “The Prosodic Features of Topic Markers in Mandarin Chinese”.
  • 2005 BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, China.
  • 1999-2001 attended BA program at St.-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Chinese Philology, Russia.


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  • Shpakovskaya, Anna. 2019. E-Representation: The Case of Blogging People’s Congress Deputies in China. Journal of Chinese Governance. Vol 4, Issue 4: 390-405.


  • Shpakovskaya Anna and Thomas Heberer. 2019. Introductory Article to the Special Issue “Reappraisal of Political Representation across Political Orders: New Conceptual and Analytical Tools“. Journal of Chinese Governance. Vol. 4, Issue 4: 295-298. DOI:
  • Frenkiel and Shpakovskaya. 2019. The Evolution of the Representative Claim-making of the Chinese Communist Party: from Mao to Xi (1949-2019). Politics and Governance. Vol. 7, Issue 3.
  • Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya. 2018. 数字化技术下政治代表的转型:中国的案例及其理论意义 (The Transformation of Political Representation Through Digital Technologies: The Case of China and it’s Theoretical Implications). 国外理论动态 (Foreign Theoretical Trends) No 10, 68-77. Beijing, China.
  • Anna Shpakovskaya. 2018. “红十字运动研究中的理论框架及分析方法的应用探析” (Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of the Red Cross Movement). In: 红十字运动研究 2018 年卷 (Red Cross Movement Research 2018).
  • Thomas Heberer and Anna Shpakovskaya. The Digital Turn in Political Representation in China , Working Papers on East Asian Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies, University Duisburg-Essen, No. 119, Duisburg 2017.  Full text.
  • Anna Shpakovskaya. 2015. “日内瓦红十字国际委员会档案馆介绍” (Introduction to the Red Cross Archives in Geneva). In: Chi, Zihua, Liping Zhang and Yulin Wu (eds). 2015. 红十字运动研究 2015 年卷 (Red Cross Movement Research 2015). 合肥:合肥工业大学出版社 (Hefei: Hefei Industrial University Press).
  • Anna Shpakovskaya. 2008. “现代汉语中的日源外来词调查” (Japanese Loan Words in Modern Chinese). 科教文汇4:176 (The Science Education Article Collects 4: 176).

Conference Presentations:

  • 2019 May 09 Anna Shpakovskaya. Presented paper “Digitalizing Political Representation: the cases of China and Russia.” Presented at the “Internet and Politics in China: Taking Stock and Moving Forward”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2019 June 28 Anna Shpakovskaya/Charlotte Fouillet. Presented paper “Between the Online and Offline: Self-Organization and Representation in China, France and Russia”. Presented at the 17th Chinese Internet Research Conference “Digital Cultures: Chinese Internet and Beyond”, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • 13-14 June 2019 Presented paper „The Chinese Red Cross in the Belt and Road Initiative“. Presented at the ‘Histories of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement since 1919’, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • March 22-24 2019 –  International Conference On Chinese Governance in Global Context at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Presented paper: Connective Representation: the case of Private Entrepreneurs in China” (co-authored with Thomas Heberer).
  • February 13 2019 –  CLAIMs Workshop at the Marc Bloch Centre, Berlin. Presented Paper: “Political Representation and Participation in the Cyberspece – the cases of  France, Russia and China” (co-authored with Charlotte Fouillet).
  • November 30 2018 ASC Annual conference, Goettingen. Presented paper: “Private Entrepreneurs and Self-Representation in the Chinese Cyberspace” (co-authored with Thomas Heberer).
  • September 27 2018 – DVPW Annual Conference, Frankfurt. Presented paper: “E-Representation in Authoritarian Context: The Cases of Chinese and Russian Internet”.
  • August 23 2018 – ECPR General Conference, Hamburg University. Presented paper: “Individualization, Everydayness, Connectivity and Interactivity of Political Representation in the Chinese Cyberspace”.
  • May 2018 – the 16th Chinese Internet Research Conference, Leiden University. Presented paper: “From Deputy to Blogger: An Empirical Map of Political Representation in the Chinese Cyberspace”.
  • October 2017 – GEAS GRAD Conference “Transnationalism and Institutions in Asia”. Free University Berlin. Presented paper entitled “The Caravan of Opportunities and Challenges: a case of integrating the Chinese Red Cross into international humanitarian structures”;
  • June 2017 – 2017 ACPS-Nankai International Symposium “China’s Public Policy and National Governance”. Nankai University, China. Presented paper entitled “Historical process-tracing as a method of analysis – a case study of the Chinese Red Cross Reform (2011-2014)”;
  • 9-11 Sept. 2016 – International Red Cross Conference. Flinders University, Australia. Presented paper entitled “De-administratizing the Chinese Red Cross (2011–2014): a ‘tiger head and snake tail’ reform?”


  • May 6 2019 – „Digitalizing Political Representation in Russia and China“, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
  • October 17 2018 – “Shifting Dynamics of Political Representation in Today’s World – Some Theoretical and Empirical Considerations”, Renmin University, Beijing, China.
  • March 22 2018 – “Political Representation in Comparative Perspective”, Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Beijing, China.

Article review requests:

  • Dec. 2016 – article review request by Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies;

Scholarships, Awards and Prizes:

  • 2019-2020:  Nachwuchsprogramm grant for the promotion of excellent early career researchers awarded by the University of Duisburg-Essen.
  • 2016-2017: Post-doctoral start-up grand by German Research Foundation DFG;
  • 2016: Award for contribution to cultural exchange between Germany and Okinawa by Okinawa Prefectural Government, Japan;
  • 2012-2016: PhD scholarship by German Research Foundation DFG;
  • 2007: was chosen as one of “The 50 Best of Shanghai University”;
  • 2006: received “Honorary Ambassador of Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai” award;
  • 2005: Shanghai Government Scholarship for distinguished MA students;
  • 2001: Chinese Government Full Scholarship for undergraduate studies.